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Domain Mediation

Domain Mediation

Do you want a site or shop, you need to register a domain name. A domain name is a unique address on the internet that contains a name and an extension such as .com and .eu Do you have a domain name in mind for your site, shop, campaign, company name or product launch but is already occupied? Then use our domain mediation service.

Processierups.nl recently joined us for a rush job, part (fundament) of the project was domain mediation for processierups.nl. Sometimes a particular name is just nice as override.bike and liqu.dating but in this case the subject is such a hot item that the domainname is twice worth it’s value exactly for the SEO. Everybody writes something about this “proecessierups”, it’s impossible to score high with just a blog between all blogs about this subject, the domain name with correctly combination of SEO will make the difference.

Before the site was finished we had a deal for the domainname processierups.nl and a good deal. Within a week we received a higher bid ourselves and even the Ministry of Agriculture had to choose an alternate extension. Within a week, the site attracted 3,500 visitors from Google. We help you in choosing the right domain name, here the SEO starts here the marketing starts, we can get to the most strange extensions, we host ourselves and do also domain mediation for registered domain names.

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