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Online pop-up Store

Online pop-up Store

Because of the Corona virus stores increasingly closing, mandatory or not, their doors. Rules are stricter and still a total lockdown is possible. Simultaneously we allready see more households buy online food, drinks and goods in order to live and work at home.

In collaboration with Kaya Consulting we introduce the Online pop-up Store. A fully functional webshop online in two days. The shop is designed  in a way that the day after tomorrow you can already start selling online! Simultaneously also built in a way that you can easily expand in the future with add-ons such as business software and depending on the industry you are operating, with POS systems, storage scanners, paths for customers to place orders etc. Kaya has solutions for small and large companies, regardless whether you only do business in the Netherlands or internationally.

E-commerce is in this weird time part of the solution and is inextricably linked to logistics and distribution, whether you want to avoid further decline in turnover on the short term, or just want to expand big in the future … This is the moment to step in! To avoid delays in delivery and not be dependent on the speed of third parties we also arrange a (temporary) domain name and hosting. If you want to expand in the future and maintain the Online pop-up Store, we will move it free of charge to your own domain. Would you go purely sell temporary shampoo online now, because you have today to close the doors of your salon, that’s possible too. Pay in installments? No problem!

Do you want to start in 2 days with online sales? Contact today Tjitse Jousma from Kaya Consulting, Tjitse is available via 06 249 53 614 or send an email to hello@wetnose.nl.

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