winnaar Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Technology Innovator Awards

Technology Innovator Awards

We have won again! Where last year mainly our services were awarded with prizes, this year we won an award with our B2B Portal. We have won the Technology Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision Magazine and have been awarded the title of Best Full Service Webdesign Agency Benelux.

The Technology Innovator Awards recognize companies in the technology industry for their innovation and excellence in their business practice. Explained as simply as possible: we have turned WordPress (CMS), WooCommerce (Webshop) and Uniconta (ERP) into one B2B Portal. A webshop linked to an ERP system for wholesalers and manufacturers to make things as easy as possible for their customers. Consumers want to shop quickly online at retailers, retailers in turn want to shop quickly online at wholesalers in a personal environment.

This is not something you think up and make alone, and we have designed and developed this together with Kaya Consulting and, together with a wholesaler of workwear, optimized it in practice and personalized it for them. Thanks to the combination of WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor PRO and Uniconta, our B2B Portal is not only super flexible in use, but can also be offered as a super flexible portal to your customers! It is precisely this flexibility that makes our Cloud Based B2B portal an innovative whole and is worthy of a Technology Innovator Award.


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