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Unplugged from Social Media

Unplugged from Social Media

First of all! It is true that Social Media can help you grow your brand. That we know as nobody else, we made enough successful campaigns and strategies with our customers and saw their brand grow over the last few years. We have clients in our portfolio with > 15,000 followers on Instagtram, we know what is possible… But is it indispensable?

Because, at the same time we also know enough entrepreneurs who, for whatever reason, not want to be on social media but more or less feel obliged to have something somewhere on social media and to be active occasionally. We ourselves … One day had a collective blackout and our creativity dropped to a level we wanted to make a picture of a box pastries and share it thru social media, this absolute all time low point was for us reason to stop in 2019 with social media and continue unplugged from social media.

And we have good news, social media is not indispensable! Social media works and is a great pastime while pooping. We were convinced that there had to be other methods and moments to connect with your audience. There was only one way to find out and we unplugged from social media. Since then we have more visitors on our site, a better conversion, the contacts with our customers are more regularly, we are much more engaged and eat more often a pastry with them.

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