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Webdesign Bishkek

Webdesign Bishkek

We are almost working 5 years like we do and never had the ambition but it’s no longer to avoid… We’re going to expand! No, we are not going to move to a fancy office in Enschede, so the same website don’t suddenly become more expensive. But we will start in a fancy office in Bishkek. Some services will even become cheaper… A lot cheaper and free from VAT.  WetNose webdesign Bishkek is opening her doors on October 1st!

WetNose webdesign Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) was a “logic” next step, the demand for custom work get bigger and we grow offcourse also in terms of customers and because of this a greater demand for maintenance. We have a developer in Bishkek who already made a few times excellent customizations and we have two ladies who only focus on maintenance and custommed maintanance. Development and maintenance are therefor the services that we will move to Bishkek, Design, Optimization and Hosting continue in Netherlands.

What will change when: We’ve allready updated the prices for sites and shops! Next thing is that our opening hours will change, from September 15th we’re open 12 hours a day, also in weekend. This year nothing will change with maintenance, next year you can extend your contract if wished. Next year some things will change but more about this later this year. Anyway Maintanancee will be also cheaper next year!

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