webdesign trends 2020

Webdesign Trends 2020

Webdesign Trends 2020

The webdesign trends for 2020 are noted, we saw it coming again, black is the new white! When we build our new website two years ago we have already switched to dark mode and we see that more and more large platforms do the same. There are many reasons to go for dark mode, it’s for example less power consuming so more durable, but for us the main reason was because a black background intensifies evrything on it. The most heard comment from our website visitors is that the website is so nice and calm to read. We not only build dark mode websites but we have launched alsready dark mode webshops and we’re already working on the next one.

Another trend, bit bland but we saw this one also coming, is animation on interaction. You move with the mouse and something move too. For example, a banner, a button, or a product in the webshop. It’s no use at all on mobile device but it is especially nice and poppin fun on desktop. Popping fun is optimistic and optimistic is another trend of the coming year, which may be in the message but also in design, sprinkle comfortable with confetti or combine, without exaggeration.

Not to exaggerate is something many designers often have trouble with, sometimes you can overdo but not on logos. You often see logos presented in a fancy mockup, which look great on high resolution display but not offline, while you can just replace a logo online it is not so easy offline. Walk through the city and you’ll see plenty of logos preferably in three different fonts and three colors. Creativity in logo design has nothing to do with use as much as possible frills, but in keep it as minimal as possible. The trend for 2020 is (fortunate) “clean”. No 3D but 2D, no frills but really creative with a good font.

These are the key webdesign trends 2020, there are as always more but we see already some just blow over as hard again as they come or trends that simply are no trend more but a standard like Mobile First webdesign, beautiful photography, customized images, optimism and idealism.

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