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We won!

We won!

We were allready proud when we received the message that we have been nominated for the Global Business Awards 2020 from Corporate Vision Magazine! CV Magazine recognizes companies across industries and regions every year and strives to accurately represent the best in business with their awards.

In order to be nominated, there must be extensive expertise within a certain sector and, above all, involvement in customer and customer service must be proven. Only with the combination of excellence, innovation and determination to succeed you can be nominated and this nomination is one of the few nominations for which you cannot register and then win with a gooey marketing story. This is to ensure that everyone can be sure that the nominations are really deserved.

Meanwhile we have received the message that we are not only nominated but we have won, not in 1 but 2 categories! Category Best International full service web design agency – Netherlands and in the category SEO Experts of the year 2020 – Netherlands. This nomination is the perfect way to confirm market leader status and more importantly … to give customers and colleagues the confidence that we really deliver an award-winning service and have a proven strategy. We are therefore very proud of it.

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