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Campaign Website €1000

Campaign Website €1000

We are working on one of the last campaign websites of this year for Taxi Export Amsterdam. A campaign website is a stripped down website up to maximum 3 pages. Focused on 1 specific service, product, brand, target group or keyphrase and enough to score top 5 with it in Google.

A campaign website is similar to a campaign on f.e Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Ads and ultimately mean to increase traffic to your corporate website, more conversion, more brand recognition and trust with your target market. The great advantage of a campaign website vs advertising on these platforms is that your campaign only will be showed to people who are specifically searching for your topic in stead of coincidentally have your topic as one of their interests. The momentum is better, the clicks of a better quality and unlike bv Google Ads are the clicks absolutely free!

Because it is half the work of a regular website the rate is also half €1000 for the website and €15.00 for maintenance  (if desired) including free hosting and domain name. The website can be completed and decorated in various ways. Also here MobileFirst design standard, premium template with premium plugins, contact form with map, of course SEO but for example no blog option, portfolio, 2nd language and up to 3 pages focused on 1 specific service, product, brand, target group or search term.

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