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Webdesign Moscow

Webdesign Moscow

We are almost working 5 years like we do and never had the ambition but it’s no longer to avoid… We’re going to expand! No, we are not going to move to a fancy Office in Enschede, so the same website don’t suddenly become more expensive. But we will start in a fancy Office in Moscow, some services can even become cheaper. WetNose webdesign Moscow is opening her doors on October 1st!

Russia was a logical next step, we’re already active there for a while, we speak the language, know the (business)culture and specific Moscow is an absolute webdesign capital where a lot design trends come from and awards go to. WetNose webdesign Moscow will deal with design, development, optimization and maintenance and is there for our Dutch customers who want to deliver their products or services to Russia, for translation of site or shop but also to act as a local partner!

To successfully do business in Russia you need to have a reliable local partner that know lliterally and figuratively the way, who are well familiar with the business culture, the customs, the language and the often opaque procedures. Would you like to deliver products or services to Russia you will walk against a wall of bureaucracy with slow administration and inadequate infrastructure. A local partner will achieve much mother, much faster. WetNose webdesign Moscow can be your local partner.

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