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Webdesign Trends 2019

Webdesign Trends 2019

The webdesign trends for 2019 are clear and can all be summed up in 2 words “Mobile First”. All the trends are based on speed and mobile design, therefore we will see more clean and simple designs, preferably in an asymmetrical layout. We will also see more one-page websites and less sites with a maze of submenu items.

Voice Search is upcomming, voice searches will increase the length of a search command. So the content will change and the way of optimizing too. It is important that when you’re going to write your content it has a natural flow. The speed begins with the right hosting, the right hosting starts with a close collaboration between your host and your webdesigner, we know in practice there almost never is a collaboration. Because there are many points to score with hosting we have 1 and the same partner for hosting and do the hosting complete free.

These trends are not entirely (rather not at all) a surprise. We made our frist MobileFirst websites begin 2018 for Skin&Feet and ProKinesis. The results are for both stunning. How do you know if you have a Mobile First website? It’s simple, when building your website did you look first how it looked on desktop and then on mobile device? Did you asked adjustments based on what you saw on the desktop? Then you have not a Mobile First website and you have maybe followed a hype, but not this super important trend.

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