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WordPress hosting and SEO

WordPress hosting and SEO

If you build something the foundation should be good, the foundation of your site or shop is hosting. We frequently see situations with domain name, hosting and webdesign divided across multiple parties and then the hosting preferably at a budget host but there is a reason why he is so cheap.

When you think of SEO then you think of good texts on the website and Google, but SEO starts with hosting. Most budget hosts don’t care about SEO and add multiple, sometimes quite a lot of sites, on 1 server because 1 is less maintenance than 2 servers and the cheap hosting somewhere must be compensated. When there are spamsites, poorly maintained sites or sites considered as unreliable by Google among all the sites, than iw affect the ranking of all sites on that server, so also the ranking of your site.

The loading time of your site or shop also affects your ranking. The more sites (and email) on a server, the more traffic, the slower the server and so your site will be. Same time, speed is also webdesign related, and the way of development and maintenance. A slow site can be caused thru hosting or webdesign, guaranteed that if you have different parties for hosting and webdesign, one day you will be shuttled from pillar to post.

Another important point to keep in mind is your CMS system. Is your host “the best in all” or really specialized in your CMS system. We have only WordPress hosting, that is WordPress at it’s best and integrates seamlessly into our way of design, development, optimization and maintenance. SEO is the thread by hosting and webdesign. We also don’t have a server for every site but we know exactly who we add and don’t add. Hosting is exclusively for our own webdesign customers.

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